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Our commercial disinfection services offer peace of mind for property managers, owners, and maintenance personnel that the environment is clean, sanitized and disinfected to EPA standards for infectious disease prevention protocols. The Commercial Cleaning Expertise’s team stays up-to-date on the latest and most effective disinfectants needed to eliminate Coronavirus (Covid-19).

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Commercial Cleaning Expertise has proudly served our Bay Area community for over twenty-five years, providing customers with unparalleled results and superior customer experience. We invest in identifying relevant opportunities and creating a cohesive experience for commercial customers looking for results that stand the test of time. Every project that is taken on by our team is treated with respect and given the attention that it deserves to impress our clients. We work with large and small commercial clients and residential owners to find effective and efficient cleaning solutions for their specific property.

About Us

over twenty-five years of experience under our belt

We created Commercial Cleaning Expertise to service large and small commercial and residential partners throughout our community with outstanding results. With over twenty-five years of experience under our belt, we have been able to prove our value to customers over and over again. Our reputation allows us the opportunity to provide new and exciting cleaning services to new clients each and every day. We are thankful for the support that our community has shown us over our years of operation and the overwhelming loyalty that has continued through our years of business.

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Our Services

Creating relevant and effective services for our community members is an essential service that we provide to bay area residents. We have set out to beat our competitors by providing the very best cleaning options for large and small commercial spaces throughout San Francisco and the surrounding regions. Our comprehensive cleaning services have the ability to stand out from the competition and leave customers surprised and delighted. We create essential services for commercial properties by offering office cleaning, deep cleaning and disinfection, steam carpet cleaning, window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and power washing. We continue to strive to deliver unparalleled cleaning results to our community members and beyond by identifying areas of opportunity delivering effective options.

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What We Offer

Woman getting ready to clean the office

Office Cleaning

Keeping a safe and clean work environment for your employees and clients is essential. We take the necessary steps to ensure that you are provided a superior experience and receive sanitization results that are necessary to ensure a safe workspace. We offer affordable rates and unbeatable packages for members of our Bay Area community to take advantage of. If you are searching for lasting results that will meet your high expectations, simply take the time to call our expert cleaning crew now.

A person with gloves cleaning a table using A wipe and a sanitizer

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning is so much more than surface level. Our team takes the appropriate steps and uses the very best tools available to ensure that you have a completely sanitized environment for your commercial business. We can say with confidence that you will not find a more thorough provider throughout San Francisco and surrounding areas. Deep cleaning and disinfection services can be provided on a scheduled or on-call schedule depending on what our clients require.

person doing a steam carpet cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Our services allow clients to rest assured knowing that their home or commercial surfaces are taken care of and results are consistent. One way that we can go above and beyond for our community is with our steam carpet cleaning service. We can apply this service to furniture or carpeted spaces throughout your commercial or residential space for the best results. We continue to innovate and expand our services to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Popular Services

Man cleaning a window

Window Cleaning

Keeping the visual appeal of your commercial space up to standard is an essential step that truly impacts the business as its core. We offer comprehensive window cleaning services that aim to exceed your expectations. For over twenty-five years our team has served large and small commercial buildings throughout the Bay Area and delivered unbeatable results to clients again and again. If you are looking for superior service without the overwhelming price tag, we suggest working with our team of professionals.

a person doing a power washing to the wooden floor

Power Washing

Power washing services are a great way to keep the condition of your commercial building in tiptop shape. We take on projects big and small buildings of all shapes and sizes and are able to transform your commercial space without high expense. We promise results and demand satisfaction for each project that we take on. If you are considering utilizing power washing for your commercial building, consider taking advantage of our free, no-pressure consultation now. We look forward to the opportunity to assess your needs and create a custom plan for your space.

Man cleaning a solar panel

Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping your solar panel installation free from debris and buildup is essential when you consider the efficiency of the system. Without professional cleanings, you could find yourself with a lower-grade system than necessary! Our solar panel cleaning services are comprehensive and are guaranteed to leave you with a more effective installation that will deliver the results you demand a price that you love. Call today for a no-pressure consultation or to book your service now.

Contact Us Today

Create a lasting connection with our dedicated cleaning experts by picking up the phone or writing an email to our office regarding your wants and needs. We guarantee that our office associates will return your inquiry within twenty-four hours for initial contact. Our team is committed to delivering an elevated service experience to commercial clients throughout the bay area. We create results that affect the visual appeal of your space along with the overall health standards of every home or business that we take on.

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